Electric Puppets receives approval for Canada’s first VR based medical device

Health Canada approves North America’s first software-based virtual reality medical device

Halifax— May 10, 2019 — Ryan Cameron, CEO of Electric Puppets is pleased to announce that the company received class 1 medical device approval for its VR based medical device software on May 9, 2019.  Their EVRISIA BV1 system will initially work as a measurement tool to assist ophthalmologists in diagnosing a number of binocular vision ailments.  This will be done through the use of enhanced digital versions of two common but antiquated vision tests: the Bagolini striated glasses test and the Worth four dot test.  Additional tests and functionality will be added in future versions of the EVRISIA system in the months to come. 

“EVRISIA will dramatically modernize the way vision testing is preformed in Canada,” says Cameron, “Physicians will have access to much better data and patients will appreciate the engaging and comfortable experience.”

Electric Puppets’ president, Jonathan Gallant, expects to begin selling EVRISIA to universities and healthcare institutions as soon as this summer noting that they received their medical device certification ahead of schedule. 

“Our product and future versions will be a great addition to the Canadian healthcare system and the eye health of all Canadians,” Gallant continued. 

Electric Puppets’ EVRISIA System

Electric Puppets’ EVRISIA is a cutting edge immersive platform with 6 degrees of freedom motion tracking and the collection of biometric data.  Future developments of the EVRISIA platform will precisely and quickly record and playback patient biometric data from a battery of clinical tests that allows the clinician the ability to review the playback in the same VR environment.  The initial suite of tests will assist physicians in the diagnosis of a number of binocular vision ailments, which are currently being clinically tested at the IWK Health Centre Eye Clinic.  The product will offer medical testing through fun and engaging content, which will improve the patient experience and outcomes.

“What is exciting about our product is that it will change the dynamic of medical testing and make the experience much more positive,” said Cameron. “This will be particularly true for children who often perceive hospitals in a negative context.”



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